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We want to see your little family.

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We are so proud to have you as part of our Doodle Family! Please take the time to share a photo of your Doodle and anything else you would like to share with us here!

Current Litter Preview

common types of labradoodles

we  breed Multi-generation F2B.BMulti-generation our breed has Cocker Spaniel, Lab and Poodle  All of our litters come out Multi-generation F3B or higher 


50% Labrador Retriever

50% Poodle


75% Labrador Retriever

25% Poodle


3 generations or above


Mamma Daphne

daddy doodles

Current Litter Mom and Dad

“We were pretty slow to bring a new pup into the family after we lost our 14 year old Chocolate Lab. However, one look at this little chocolate colored Australian Labradoodle on the Doodle’s Kennel website, and I was in the car the next day to see him. Oliver came into our lives and has been the perfect addition. Everyone in the family is in love with him, he gets along with the cats, and he has the perfect temperament. He has blended seamlessly into our busy household, is smart and obedient, and has been a lap dog from day one. Thanks so much for our puppy.”


Invest time, love, and nurture a fur-baby.


Guardianship is not for everyone, but may be for you.

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what our amazing clients say

Cage has been absolutely phenomenal!!  I’ve been able to train Cage to “ring a bell” to go outside to use the bathroom.  And I’ve taught him commands in ASL(sign language): “Sit”, “lay down”, “no”, “eat”, “water”, and “outside”.  The goal is for Zander to be able to communicate with Cage when he’s older.  He’s been the PERFECT COMPANION for Zander with him being deaf and autistic!!  He’s an absolutely amazing Dog!!  .   He’s a MAJOR part of our family and I’ll definitely share that with her!!

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