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Tiff's tips

Food- Canidae all stages salmon or lamb is what puppy is on now and is recommended.  

Bowls-  I recommend getting stain less steal ones and with non slip bottoms, water and food 

Name tag-  This will be attached to collar with yalls name and phone number and pups name

Leash and collar-  I recommend using a harness when walking the pup, this is so the collar doesn't hurt his esophagus when pulling back etc.

Poochie bell-  I like to recommend this if you don't have a doggy door or don't want to get a doggy  The pups are trained to use doggy door but the bell by the door is also a good training tool.

Chew Toys-  I like Elk Antlers and Nyla bones puppy teething rings

Chuck it indoor ball they all love and is great!

Dewormer-  All pups are dewormed at 2,4,6,8,12,16wks and 3,6 months of age and then once a year after that   This is recommended so that the puppy can be clear of any worms.  Safeguard 4 Canine is great.  The puppy will be all up to date from us with deworming but will need to be carried out with yall..

Crate-  Crate training is great to help with potty training and if you just can't watch the puppy while your doing something.  We recommend large crate mid west brand.


All these items except for the dog food can be purchased at any pet store or even Amazon now carries alot of them.  The dog food I know can be purchased from petco and chewys.  Please let me know if yall have any questions or concerns.  It looks like the pups are going to be opening their eyes soon!

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