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labradoodles, so sweet, so gentle



Adapts Well to Apartment Living

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Sensitivity Level

Tolerates Being Alone

Tolerates Cold Weather

Tolerates Hot Weather

All Around Friendliness

Affectionate with Family

Incredibly Kid Friendly Dog

Dog Friendly

Friendly Toward Strangers

Health Grooming

Amount Of Shedding

Drooling Potential

Easy To Groom

General Health

Potential For Weight Gain



Easy To Train


Potential For Mouthiness

Prey Drive

Tendency To Bark Or Howl

Wanderlust Potential

Exercise Needs

Energy Level


Exercise Needs

Potential For Playfulness

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Breed Characteristics


Australian Multi-generation Labradoodles have a sweet and gentle temperament.  They are non aggressive,sensitive dogs with an intuitive intelligence that makes them easy to train.  Because of their high intelligence, Labradoodles thrive on positive reinforcement and need their minds challenged to be truly happy.   They are people oriented with the utmost loyalty to their humans which is why they make such wonderful service dogs.    If you are interested in purchasing one of the lovely dogs, you must be prepared to have a constant companion wherever you go.  If you are looking for a companion that will never leave your side, the Labradoodle is for you.

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