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a broken heart

When our 14 year old Labrador Chocolate left us after a long happy life, our family was left with a void that was hard to fill.  After grieving, we sought out to find a new family member.  In doing so, we knew we wanted a fur-baby that did not shed, as you can appreciate, we spent a lot (alottttttt) of time cleaning up after Chocolate while we loved him, if we could avoid this moving forward, why wouldn't  we?

Hello doodles

Our oh so handsome Doodles came along and filled our family with such joy and great memories.  The children were immediately drawn to him and my husband took him out often hunting for some nice guy bonding.  Our friends and family were impressed  with his temperament and engagement with our children and theirs.  Doodles is super friendly and even befriended our cat! With many family members offering to babysit him and some threatening to steal him (jokingly), we decided to breed Doodles and spread his legacy among our friends and family.

our kennel is  born

Doodle has fathered four litters and was then retired.  He now dedicates his life to serving  our veterans as a service dog in New York City.  We have honored his legacy for over 8 years by offering you multi-generational breeding.  While Doodle is not physically here in Texas, we can see a little bit of him in all of our fur-babies and that is why we do what we do.  We are sure you will find the love, compassion and fulfillment in your fur-baby and we know we have one that is the Doodle for you.

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