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she lives the good life with her guardian

Maggie has lived with Kim for for over 2 years and has produced a beautiful litter. She lives in a socialized, and stable environment!


is being a guardian for you?

There is no adoption fee.


  • Maintain a stable loving environment

  • Keep fur-baby current on all immunization

  • Have fencing to provide a stable environment

  • Be a homeowner

  • Cannot leave puppy unattended

  • Opt into breeding up-to 4xs

  • Maintain excellent health records 

  • Provide regular exercise and socialization 

  • Maintain Flea Prevention

  • Any male dogs in the home must be neutered


  • A cream of the crop puppy. Rick's Pick

  • Expert guidance on raising your fur-baby

  • Receive average value of a puppy after cost for each litter or a puppy

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